[python] asa library

I created an asa library which contains functions require to perform some asa operations, this is not a complete set, there are some sets which I have not tested yet, the below functions are all tested and working.

[python]Configuring cisco asa

Introduction I am testing some functions for sending configuration over to cisco asa with netmiko. Netmiko support sending commands and sending commands as a set. In order to deliver the command as a set Jinja2 template engine is used to fill up the variables of the template. The purpose of this post is to record … Continue reading [python]Configuring cisco asa

[python]Match most of the Cisco ASA access list patterns with regular expression

Regular expression reference Purchase the course by Sujith George The Complete Regular Expressions Course:Beginner to Advanced from Udemy Study this code from git hub, this code gives a good idea on how you should match access-list, from this course I realize the regex module can convert the matched data to dictionary. Read this documentation about … Continue reading [python]Match most of the Cisco ASA access list patterns with regular expression

Transparent firewalling with Cisco ASAv

Topology Lab Objective Linux 7 and Linux 8 are within the same subnet, however all initiated traffic towards Linux 8 must be blocked. Linux 8 is allowed to access to all destination. ASAv Setup Change ASAv1 and ASAv2 into transparent firewall firewall transparent 2.¬†Configure failover on ASAv1 as primary !one of the interface will be … Continue reading Transparent firewalling with Cisco ASAv