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[python]Netmiko on Cisco ASA

The ASA i am using to test is a ASAv version 952-204, netmiko supports the device type cisco_asa. I am testing on the time taken to finish the script, and also send command and send command from file features of … Continue reading

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Transparent firewalling with Cisco ASAv

Topology Lab Objective Linux 7 and Linux 8 are within the same subnet, however all initiated traffic towards Linux 8 must be blocked. Linux 8 is allowed to access to all destination. ASAv Setup Change ASAv1 and ASAv2 into transparent … Continue reading

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Access is denied when publishing CRL

Introduction I was following a guide on how to create a custom location of the crl and got stuck when trying to publish the CRL, the error is Access is denied 0x80070005. Apparently even my CA has full control of … Continue reading

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Cisco ASA: Setting up anyconnect vpn with SSL and IPsec

Introduction This post demonstrates how to set up anyconnect vpn for your mobile devices. In this post I am using an android mobile phone and downloaded anyconnect ICS+. Cisco ASA software version 9.1(4), ASDM version 7.1, with anyconnect essential license … Continue reading

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Anyconnect for mobile: Unable to login despite credential is correct

I was using anyconnect ICS+ to test anyconnect with ipsec, however my anyconnect ICS+ client says “Login failed” despite I have put in the correct credential. after troubleshooting it was found that <code>tunnel-group-list enable</code> command was not put in.

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Adding static arp to ASA5505

I have a checkpoint R76 software blade with directly connected interface to my ASA5505. I have done automatic static NAT for one of my objects in checkpoint R76, by doing automatic static NAT checkpoint R76 will actually do a proxy … Continue reading

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