[python]Automating OSPF configuration of two routers

Network diagram There are two vIOS which are R1 and R2, they have their gi0/2 and gi0/3 connected to the R5 switch, the configuration is pushed from the cloud through their gi0/2 and gi0/3 to configure their gi0/0 to become OSPF neighbours. Objective To configure the two routers to become ospf neighbors, the OSPF configuration … Continue reading [python]Automating OSPF configuration of two routers


[python]Example script on Cisco router

This is an example script based on this https://github.com/davidbombal/pythonvideos/blob/master/paramiko-pythonssh1.py It works almost like pexpect, however need to have a privilege 15 account to make the SSHClient work, as there is no input to accept enable secret. I was trying to figure out the feasibility of using API to push the configuration, I find the send … Continue reading [python]Example script on Cisco router

Extending the python script to configure OSPF with ncclient

Previously I have successfully download the configuration from the netconf enabled router, now i have extended support to configure ospf. This is a simple lab to further extend and get myself familiarize and comfortable with netconf. During the lab I was careless, I inadvertently left a space on my netconf snippet that breaks my script … Continue reading Extending the python script to configure OSPF with ncclient

OSPF virtual link with message digest authentication

Dis-contiguous area Non-backbone area has to be converged with backbone area (area 0) in order for OSPF to learn the routes. The following example has area 100 discontiguous with backbone area, the solution is either to use GRE tunnel or virtual link. Virtual link 1. Router-id is used for virtual-link neighbor not the IP address … Continue reading OSPF virtual link with message digest authentication

Palo Alto Networks: OSPF and L3 Link aggregation

The previous post about Cisco VSS is to integrate with Palo Alto Firewalls. Layer 3 link aggregation on PA firewall Click on Network tab and select Interfaces from the menu on the left. There is an "Add Aggregate Group" at the bottom of the page, it may seem quite unnoticeable. After the link aggregation link … Continue reading Palo Alto Networks: OSPF and L3 Link aggregation

LSA types

1. Router LSA - This LSA is produced by every router. The LSA contains information of the router's connected interfaces, states, neighbour router type, any known ospf routers connected to the router's link and outgoing cost of each link. This LSA floods within its own area (intra-area flooding), hence this LSA describes intra-area route. 2. … Continue reading LSA types