Cisco VG224

Not all Voice Gateway has interfaces that are straight forward like the VG204. This VG224 actually comes with 24-port FXS, but you will not see 24-port, it is using a RJ21 connector and comes with a cable with RJ21 connector. You can refer which port is mapped to which pin by referring to this Cisco … Continue reading Cisco VG224

CUCM: Hotline

A hotline phone calls directly to the specific number by picking up the handset. This setup is simple, there is no calling search space defined for all phones except for the calling search space solely for hotline. Partition Call Routing > Class of Control > Partition Translation Pattern Call Routing > Translation Pattern Hotline phone … Continue reading CUCM: Hotline

CISCO VOICE GATEWAY: Registration to CUCM rejected

You have a voice gateway such as VG204, from CUCM 8.6 Device > Phone, you saw the newly configured VG204 Device Name (Port) status was rejected. Check on your VG204 to see if there is dial-peer for the port that is rejected by CUCM. show run | sec dial-peer To configure the dial-peer, supposed the … Continue reading CISCO VOICE GATEWAY: Registration to CUCM rejected

Cisco Unified Communications Manager Installation

Platform: Cisco UCS C210 M2, 48GB RAM, 10x 300GB SAS HDD. Slot 1 and 2 are RAID1, SLOT3-10 are RAID5. Software: Cisco Unified Communications Manager, Unity Connection/BE/SME Installing the software is not a direct insert DVD into the server process. The actual process is a pain in the neck. The Cisco Unified Communications Manager DVD … Continue reading Cisco Unified Communications Manager Installation