Cisco VG224

Not all Voice Gateway has interfaces that are straight forward like the VG204. This VG224 actually comes with 24-port FXS, but you will not see 24-port, it is using a RJ21 connector and comes with a cable with RJ21 connector. You can refer which port is mapped to which pin by referring to this Cisco … Continue reading Cisco VG224


CISCO VOICE GATEWAY: Registration to CUCM rejected

You have a voice gateway such as VG204, from CUCM 8.6 Device > Phone, you saw the newly configured VG204 Device Name (Port) status was rejected. Check on your VG204 to see if there is dial-peer for the port that is rejected by CUCM. show run | sec dial-peer To configure the dial-peer, supposed the … Continue reading CISCO VOICE GATEWAY: Registration to CUCM rejected

Cisco Unified Communications Manager Installation

Platform: Cisco UCS C210 M2, 48GB RAM, 10x 300GB SAS HDD. Slot 1 and 2 are RAID1, SLOT3-10 are RAID5. Software: Cisco Unified Communications Manager, Unity Connection/BE/SME Installing the software is not a direct insert DVD into the server process. The actual process is a pain in the neck. The Cisco Unified Communications Manager DVD … Continue reading Cisco Unified Communications Manager Installation