I realized my interest and love is with routing and switching since I was preparing CCNA in September 2009. Back then I had a comfortable working environment in an ISP doing tier 2 technical support. At that time I wanted to start a network engineering career however network team has no vacancy instead of staying and wait for opportunity in the ISP I took a risk to join a system integration company as a network engineer. I took a huge pay cut but was rewarded with opportunity to utilize my knowledge with Cisco networking, this way made my technical skill ever growing.

In that environment no one taught me anything, I got a project and had to think ways on how to translate customer’s requirements into technical solution, I did research, post questions in the forum, read technical documentation and some great books written by experienced network engineers.

After a year of preparation, I was certified as CCNP on 10th of March 2011. Being a certified engineer I strongly felt I have a responsibility to uphold the reputation of a CCNP so as not to affect my peers who are CCNP as well. This responsibility motivates me to learn, face challenges and develop my initiative to find solution, but most important of all I have the interest and passion to negate the stress I encountered during the process of learning.

This blog serves as a repository of things I have done and things I want to do, since I get most of my knowledge from  blogs and forums I will also share them here. Sharing should be bidirectional, it benefits myself and other people. No one knows everything, if you gain knowledge from the community it is best you can give back to the community as well; if you learn something from someone, find opportunity to share your knowledge with him/her as well.


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey I have used your Tshoot configs to help me build my lab but I have some questions for you. Anyway I can send you a direct email?

  2. hi and thanks for sharing
    i did script powershell to request Api tufin and i try to find solution to save and not submit request
    can you help me about that? thank you very much

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