[python]Download videos from youtube with pytube


I am finding a windows application which can use to download youtube videos like downie, I found out a python module known as pytube3 that can be used for this purpose.

Basic usage

So for my own purpose I download some videos which I need to listen while exercising, below is the code to use the module.

from pytube import Playlist, YouTube
from pytube.cli import on_progress
from pathlib import Path
from os.path import join

def get_yt_playlist(playlist=None):
    Get the list of youtube urls. Playlist can be used to download playlist as well,
    but there is no on_progress_callback hence I cannot get the progress bar for each videos.
    :param playlist: 
        This is the url of the youtube playlist.
        list of playlist urls.
    pl = Playlist(playlist)
    return [l for l in pl]

def download_vid(url=None, path=None):
    This function downloads the video from each playlist url,
    the path is specified with the path keyword.
    :param url: 
        youtube url
    :param path: 
        path to save the video in your computer
    # on_progress is a progress bar in the pytube3 module.
    # the progress bar is shown in sys.stdout.
    yt = YouTube(url, on_progress_callback=on_progress)
    stream = yt.streams.first()
    # video title
    # download and save to the computer path.

if __name__ == "__main__":
    This is an example using a youtube playlist.
    I tried threading, but youtube will reset the connection.
    So for this example is download one video after video finished, 
    which is very slow.
    playlist = "https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLxak_2LR4viU1-f6BkNlqudd_WXAecDX_"
    collect_list = get_yt_playlist(playlist)
    path = join(str(Path.home()), "Downloads", "仙逆")
    for pl in collect_list:
        download_vid(url=pl, path=path)

This is how the progress bar looks like with on_progress function from pytube3.
bar1, of course I can write a function to update the progress of a video title, but I still do not know how to integrate with threading, if you have got an example that uses pytube3 with threading with progress bar for each videos let me know below.


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