[python]Creating subnets based on VPC you have chosen

I am trying to test a few functions of my script for things that can be done after VPC was created. Things such as make subnet either public or private, attach IGW to route table. I have build up some general purpose functions so that I do not need to repeat the same thing over and over again, and also to make my scripting code easier to read.

What this script does is to list the available VPCs to requester, the requester will choose the VPC, then follow by a list of suggested subnets from the main CIDR in the VPC, user will only choose from the suggested list. Once the subnet is chosen, the script proceed to create the request to create subnet for the specific VPC.


Screenshot 2019-05-06 at 12.25.10 PM

The script is still in progress, I intend to test a few functions before doing the main code. The main code right now is to test various functions for bugs. The ipaddress module is really cool module for ip address manipulation.


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