[python]Create VPC part 2

This post is an improvement to this.
The goal is to:

  • Create VPC.
  • Create internet gateway.
  • Attach internet gateway to vpc.
  • Name the internet gateway and vpc.

About parameters in create_tags
This method accepts

  • Resources of type list or tuple.
  • Tags of type dictionary.

The code works but is ugly and cannot scale, for demonstrating purpose it is ok… But I need to refine the code so that it is modular, such as creating classes and to be used repetitively.

import boto3
import ipaddress

# Initialize values
# Empty the list
vpc_resource_names = []
# Get user's subnet in CIDR format
user_vpc_network = input("Enter the network for VPC:")
# Get user's VPC name.
user_vpc_name = input("Enter VPC name:")
# Get user's internet gateway name.
user_vpc_igw_name = input("Enter internet gateway name:")

# this has to use twice, for creating tag to be used for create_tags method.
def create_tag(resource_name):
    tag = [
            'Key': 'Name',
            'Value': resource_name
    return tag

    # Specify to change EC2 instance
    ec2_instance = boto3.client('ec2')
    # pyboto3 autocomplete
    """:type : pyboto3.ec2"""
        # test the validity of subnet, recommended to use regex instead of ipaddress.
        valid_cidr = str(ipaddress.ip_network(user_vpc_network))
            # Creates VPC with subnet specified.
            vpc_cidr_response = ec2_instance.create_vpc(CidrBlock=valid_cidr)
            # See response in https://boto3.amazonaws.com/v1/documentation/api/latest/reference/services/ec2.html#EC2.Client.create_vpc
            # Case sensitive.
            vpc_id = vpc_cidr_response['Vpc']['VpcId']
            # Include VPC ID to the list, required for create_tags method.
            # Create name for VPC
            print("{} is created successfully".format(vpc_id))
                # Create an internet gateway.
                igw_create_response = ec2_instance.create_internet_gateway()
                # See response https://boto3.amazonaws.com/v1/documentation/api/latest/reference/services/ec2.html#EC2.Vpc.attach_internet_gateway
                igw_id = igw_create_response['InternetGateway']['InternetGatewayId']
                # Overwrites the VPC ID value with IGW ID.
                vpc_resource_names[0] = igw_id
                # Name the IGW.
                print("{} is created, attempting to attach to {}".format(igw_id, vpc_id))
                    ec2_instance.attach_internet_gateway(InternetGatewayId=igw_id, VpcId=vpc_id)
                    print("{} is successfully attached to {}".format(igw_id, vpc_id))
                except BaseException:
                    print("It seems there is a problem attaching internet gateway to VPC.")
            except BaseException:
                print("It seems there is a problem creating internet gateway.")
        except BaseException as e:
            print("It seems there is a problem creating VPC. {}".format(e))
    except ValueError:
        print("Possibly invalid subnet")
except BaseException as e:


Results with all inputs.

Results with subnet and IGW name.

Results with only subnet.

Screenshot 2019-05-05 at 5.11.32 AM.png
Result with no input. Subnet is mandatory to create VPC, in essence a VPC is similar to VRF, has its own routing table. If it is exactly like VRF then each VPC can have the same subnets as well.


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