[python]Email alert when Tufin has a failed automated step

This is the enhanced code for sending customized mail when automation step fails in Tufin. When the Tufin triggers, it sends the ticket_info to the input stream. the code has to read from the input stream and parse the xml.

import smtplib
from sys import stdin
from email.mime.text import MIMEText
from lxml import etree

lines = ""

    lines = etree.tostring(etree.parse(stdin), pretty_print=True, encoding="utf-8").decode("utf-8")
except EOFError:
except KeyboardInterrupt:

SERVER = "obfuscated.obfuscated.com.sg"
FROM = "tufin-noreply@obfuscated.com.sg"
TO = "myself@obfuscated.com.sg"
CC = ""

SUBJECT = "Test - Tufin securechange auto step stuck"
TEXT = "Dear admin,\r\
This message is generated for your attention that a step in tufin secure change is stucked.\r \
Manual intervention by you is required.\r\
On next version this message will add the tufin ticket number.\r\
This is a test message please IGNORE.\r\
{} ".format(str(lines))

message = MIMEText(TEXT)
message["From"] = FROM
message["To"] = TO
message["Subject"] = SUBJECT
message["Cc"] = CC
server = smtplib.SMTP(SERVER)
server.sendmail(FROM, TO, message.as_string())

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