ICT research method – what is ICT research

What is research
Research is a creation of new knowledge.

Research outcomes

  • A new and improved product
  • A deeper understanding of a research topic
  • A new or improved model and theory to compliment existing research
  • A new or improved technique to solve certain research problems.

Aims of research

  • Observe and describe a research problem
  • Predict
  • Identify the cause of a problem
  • To explain a research problem

What is ICT research
It is the creation of new knowledge in any ICT areas.

  • New and more efficient routing protocol
  • How to better secure gratuitous ARP used in virtual router routing protocol

What is research project
Project is a sequence of activities/tasks to create new knowledge within specific timeline, within budget, according to specification and with resources.

Phases of research
The following in sequence:

  • Literature review
  • Define research question/problem
  • Research design
  • Collect data
  • Data analysis
  • Report finding

Research approaches

  • Survey – research data collected from population of interest
  • Design and creation – research focus on developing new ICT product
  • Experiment – research to find causal relationship between selected variables
  • Action research = research focus to address practical issues
  • Case study research – research focus on one or more instances of things of interest (case)

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