[tufin]adding generic routes

Tufin securetrack is incapable of detecting routes that use policy based routing, a possible solution to include routes of policy based routing is to add generic routes. This can be found in this https://forum.tufin.com/support/kc/latest/index.htm?toc.htm?10626.htm

you need to create a csv file in tufin ST, then use the <code>/usr/local/st/topology_generic_routes -m 5 -i your_file_in.csv</code>

update the topology with the generic network, this is quicker than pressing the synchronize button in the network gui in Tufin ST.


To check if generic network is added to the firewall, eg if firewall id is 5.
<code>/usr/local/st/topology_generic_routes -m 5 -p</code>

Has to be version 17.3 onwards, anything earlier than this does not have this script.


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