Update Cisco ASA object group with netmiko

This is a demo of configuring ASA with netmiko, there is a use case when a server is provisioned, the server’s hostname and ip addresses are assigned automatically by Vrealize, and run a python script to update the object-group of the server.

Here’s the code:

from netmiko import ConnectHandler
from getpass import getpass
import logging

usr = input("Username: ")
pwd = getpass()
asav = {  'device_type': 'cisco_asa',
    'ip': '',
    'username': usr,
    'password': pwd,
    'secret': pwd,
    'port': '22', }

config_set = ['object network member1', 'host ', 'exit', 'object network member2', 'host', 'exit', 'object-group network Group1',
           'network-object object member1', 'network-object object member2' ]

with ConnectHandler(**asav) as m:
    m.send_config_set(config_set, True)
    m.send_command_expect('write memory')

One thought on “Update Cisco ASA object group with netmiko

  1. Have you found reliability issues when deploying ACL’s? I have found updating ACL’s impossible due to missing lines. The ACL’s I was trying to update were 65 lines and 107 lines.

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