Upgrade bigip image in active/standby HA

Import the latest iso to both the active and standby bigip


Install latest iso on standby bigip


On command line:

[root@bigip2:Standby:In Sync] config # tmsh
root@(bigip2)(cfg-sync In Sync)(Standby)(/Common)(tmos)# /sys software image
root@(bigip2)(cfg-sync In Sync)(Standby)(/Common)(tmos.sys.software.image)# install BIGIP- volume HD1.1

HD1.1 currently has the base version 12 image, we will want to overwrite this.


Activate the new image on the standby bigip


After the standby unit has finished rebooted the configsync status will be disconnected. This means latest configuration cannot be sync over to the standby unit. This is caused by version mismatch.

The active bigip will still be accepting traffic, failover to the standby unit is still possible. Hence after the active bigip finished installation, do a failover to the standby unit.

root@(bigip1)(cfg-sync Disconnected)(Active)(/Common)(tmos)# run /sys failover standby

Install the latest image on the active unit

The installation process is the same when upgrading the standby unit. The active bigip will still accept traffic hence till now there should be no disruption to the clients.


When finished installation, make this unit a standby bigip by issuing the command in tmsh.

root@(bigip1)(cfg-sync Disconnected)(Active)(/Common)(tmos)# run /sys failover standby

The failover should be transparent to the client, traffic will still be processed on the newly active bigip the state should also be failed over.

Activate the latest image.

Config sync device to group

Do a config sync and overwrite the config after the standby has finished reboot.

sync the configsync the config 2

Client’s impact

0% packet loss while doing the upgrade and failover



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