Exploring various load balancing method

Round Robin

Traffic is evenly distributed. Default load balancing method for members have similar memory and processing capability.

Least Connection (member)

Traffic is passed to the member that has the least current connection. Used for members that have similar capabilities.

Ratio (member)

ratio settings
Ratio settings: For every 5 connection, 1 connection will be given to dvwa2, for every 2 connection 1 connection will be given to dvwa3. 
ratio stats
Static load balancing method. You are defining how the connection is distributed among the members.

Dynamic ratio

This is a dynamic load balancing method, however the member or node need to have some monitoring agents installed to report the performance over time. Dynamic ratio uses the performance report to determine the ratio of each member.

Least sessions

Connection is passed to the member that has the least persistence sessions. The virtual server needs to enable persistence such as source address affinity to track the persistence sessions of each clients.

Persistence profile is using source address affinity
dvwa1 has a persistence session with lubuntu-1 and dvwa2 has a persisntence session with lubuntu-2






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