Adding static arp to ASA5505

I have a checkpoint R76 software blade with directly connected interface to my ASA5505.

I have done automatic static NAT for one of my objects in checkpoint R76, by doing automatic static NAT checkpoint R76 will actually do a proxy arp if my hosts is trying to reach the destination NATted address, however for some reason unknown till now my hosts could not reach the DNAT host.

During troubleshooting I found that there was no ARP entry in my ASA. Hence I did a static arp entry.

arp inside 000c.29f1.b774 alias
arp inside 000c.29f1.b774 alias

Where is the DNAT of CENTOS server and is the DNAT of HTTP file server.

The keyword alias means this ARP entry will not expire.

The mac address 000c.29f1.b774 belongs to the Checkpoint R76 software blade interface that directly connects to my ASA.


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