Adding allowed list to nrpe.cfg

Add the IP address of the nagios server to nrpe.cfg, for my case my configuration file is located in /usr/local/nagios/etc/nrpe.cfg, if your cfg file is located else where use this command to find find / -name nrpe.cfg

Search for the parameter allowed_hosts:

# (i.e. are also supported. Hostname wildcards are not currentl$
# supported.
# Note: The daemon only does rudimentary checking of the client's IP
# address.  I would highly recommend adding entries in your /etc/hosts.allow
# file to allow only the specified host to connect to the port
# you are running this daemon on.
# NOTE: This option is ignored if NRPE is running under either inetd or xinetd


append the nagios server ip address.


2 thoughts on “Adding allowed list to nrpe.cfg

  1. allowed_hosts is a comma-separated list, so that line should read


    and not


  2. I tought i have lost the file XD find / -name nrpe.cfg this comand its the glory haha.
    (i know but its long to explaing, just wanted to shared my relief and say thanks for sharing your knowledge)

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