Cisco 7965 Trust List update failed

I was trying to test the CUCM failover by shutting down a server, there were two 7965 ip phones refused to register onto the server, and they only connect themselves to only one server.

I have googled and found a solution here which works.

The status message can be found from the phone itself, by choosing Status then Status message.

Press the setting hard button (which has a picture of cascading square blocks and a tick), then look for Security configuration.
Select Trust List.
Select the ITL file and unlock it. first press **# to unlock it, then select the ITL file.
Press the unlock softkey to unlock the ITL file.
Press More softkey until you find Erase softkey and erase the ITL file.

After erasing the ITL file, the Cisco 7965 phones can register to any CUCM servers in the cluster.


11 thoughts on “Cisco 7965 Trust List update failed

  1. I checked my trust list and there is no ITL file. Also under status messages I get the following:

    No trust list installed
    IPV4 DNS timeout Cisco
    TFTP Timeout devicename.cnf.xml

    1. Reg, it seems your CUCM server disable the autoregistration, did you actually manually create the Device > Phone into the CUCM publisher? Also manually put the TFTP server to be your CUCM publisher into your ip phone make sure your CUCM has turned on Cisco tftp service, turn on the service by going to Cisco unified serviceability, click on Tools > Service Activation.

  2. Hi Reg, I would like to know if you have resolved the problem which you had faced. If you have please reply to this post so that people who encounter the same problem as yours can find the solution.

    1. Hi, I have not resolved the problem yet.I figured my phone to use my TFTP server, which is also my CUCM publisher. I also activated tftp service under tools > Service Activation, yet my phone hasn’t grab the firmware. I don’t know if this matters but this is the firmware suggested to me by Cisco: cmterm-7945_7965-sip.9-3-1-1.cop.sgn. All the phone does is display “configuring IP”, but it doesn’t as if it’s doing anything. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

  3. Reg, if your CUCM has not enabled auto-registration, you gotta type in the phone profile yourself, enter the last 10 digits of the phone’s mac address, then place them on the device pool you wish the phone to reside, choose the correct signaling protocol such as SCCP or SIP. Then reset the phone, press the settings button, then when the settings menu appear press the keypad **#** to reset the phone, then put in the IP address make sure it is not conflicting address, then disable dhcp client, then put in the tftp server either publisher or subscriber depending on your setup. SIP requires license if I am correct, also post a question at or and post your question under CCNP voice, support forum would be a better bet, let me know if you have resolved the problem or not, if you have resolved the problem I would appreciate if you can share it with me. 🙂

    1. I did have auto-registration enabled. Now I have disabled it and configured it with all the required settings and reset the phone but it’s still isn’t connecting to the tftp server/CUCM/publisher. I have posted this issue in Perhaps I need to configure my gateway or switch with the tftp/CUCM settings as well? I will certainly update this post once I resolve this, hopefully soon. 🙂

  4. Hi Reg, your gateway is just to facilitate between analogue and digital lines, and IP phone is not connected to the gateway, your IP phone is connected to the shared network via one common VLAN as the CUCM server right? When I was setting up CUCM and phones, I only need to configure the settings over the CUCM server in the cluster, nothing has to be done on the phones. Your situation is odd which deserved a documentation for troubleshooting, good luck and hopefully your phone’s issue is resolved and I am looking forward to your update. 🙂

  5. Hi, I wanted to provide an update. I made a little progress. My vlan for the phone wasn’t configured correctly. So I reconfigured the switchport settings for the vlan and the network recognized the phone and the dhcp server assigned it an IP once I had reset the phone. Then the phones started upgrading the firmware and registered with CUCM. The only issue I have now is that one of my phones is displaying “unprovisioned”. Other than that the phone is working!! Thanks for your assistance, it was much appreciated.

  6. Hi, I wanted to update on this, my phones are registered and now now I’m working with our provider. First I’m testing inbound calls via TDM through an ingres gateway to the CUCM. I will eventually change this to SIP once our SIP trunk is ready. I am also integrating CVP/UCCE/ICM as well.

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