CUCM: Speed dial

Press a number from the keypad and call the extension/directory number.

From CUCM, Device > Phone, Click “Add a new SD” under Association Information.

Click on Add a new SD, this is the speed dial.
Configure the number to call. In this example, if your IP phone press 1 and press Speed Dial softkey your IP phone will call 1001.

From the phone, press the number and press Speedial softkey to ring the configured directory number.


13 thoughts on “CUCM: Speed dial

  1. Very helpful, I’m configuring Cisco 7945G and I have added them in CUCM but I’m still figuring out how to generate a call. I just received my extension. I have my phone attached to my switch via PoE.

  2. If your phone is registered to CUCM it should generate a call. i think what you mean is how you use the speed dial? Try pressing a number then press the speed dial softkey.

  3. I have entered my phone in CUCM but I’m not sure how to generate a call. I tried using the speed dial softkeys but I’m not getting a response.

  4. Reg, have you applied the config? Applying the config to the phone will cause the phone to “restart” and the configuration will take effect. I did not encounter no response issue with 6921 and 7965 phones. You may want to try to reset the phone instead, reset will cause the phone to reboot and register to the cucm.

  5. I can’t seem to get the phone to register to cucm. I have the phone connected directly to a Cisco 3750 catalyst switch. I tried to configure the phone manually but the phone displays either “Requesting IP” or Requesting cucm. I’m not sure if the port on the switch might be disabled. Other than that I can’t see why it can’t find cucm.

  6. I just checked on the switch and it recognizes the phone and the status of the port is up. However the IP is unassigned. Do I need to assign the phone an IP address first in order for the config to kick in?

  7. Turns out that the phone was still locked, arrgh. I’m now able to configure the phone and edit the network configurations, tftp, dhcp GW, cucm.

  8. I am using cucm as the dhcp server. I have dhcp disabled at the moment and configured the phone with an IP. I also configured the phone with the IP for the tftp server, which is also the dhcp server. Right now the phone seems to be searching but isn’t finding the server for it’s config file.

  9. Reg, try to find out the status message of your ip phone… if the status message is Trust List update failed, read my latest post on how to rectify it.

  10. One of my phones is stuck at the logo screen. For some reason it got caught in a loop so I tried a factory reset and now it just boots to the logo screen and stays there. I think I need to clear out the ctl file but I’m not able to get to the session screen. Any idea on how I can crack into the phone’s frozen state?

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