Cisco VG224

Not all Voice Gateway has interfaces that are straight forward like the VG204. This VG224 actually comes with 24-port FXS, but you will not see 24-port, it is using a RJ21 connector and comes with a cable with RJ21 connector.

This is the 24-port FXS which is a RJ21 connector.
This is the rear view of VG224.

You can refer which port is mapped to which pin by referring to this Cisco document.

Pushing the cable into the terminal block with a tool.
The final product after pressing into the terminal block.
Row of IP phones and analogue phones. These analogue phones are industrial certified phones mostly used in oil and gas or other highly hazardous areas.
Connection from VG224 to the analogue phones.
A closer view of the terminal block.

2 thoughts on “Cisco VG224

  1. Nice post Cyrus!
    I think that most of the junior UC engineers now days have never seen a krone let alone used it 🙂
    But there’s a first time to everything.. at least as long as these past era fax machines are around..
    Seriously, isn’t it time for the physical fax machines to fade and make some more room for Emails and fax servers?

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