CUCM: Hotline

A hotline phone calls directly to the specific number by picking up the handset. This setup is simple, there is no calling search space defined for all phones except for the calling search space solely for hotline.


Call Routing > Class of Control > Partition

Create a partition. Later a calling search spacing is attached to this partition. This partition will be attached to a translation pattern later.
Create call search spacing, attached previously created partition to this CSS. The calling search spacing will be attached to a translation pattern.

Translation Pattern

Call Routing > Translation Pattern

Create translation pattern and attached the partition and calling search spacing.
Under Call Party Transformations, put in the destination number you want the hotline phone to call to in the Called Party Transform Mask.

Hotline phone

Device > Phone

Under Device Information, attached the previously created Calling Search Space. click on the DN under the Association information section.
Attached the previously created partition, but DO NOT INCLUDE previously calling search space here!

Destination phone

The destination phone will not attach any calling search space and partition both in Device Information and Association Information.


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