CUCM: Conference call with Meet Me

Initiate Conference call with Meet Me
The conference controller first starts a conference by selecting Meet Me on his/her Cisco IP phone and dial the Meet Me directory number (DN), the rest of the conference party members simply dial the Meet Me DN just like they are dialing to another party.


Bob starts the conference by pressing Meet-Me on his IP phone, then dial 2000. Bob’s IP phone connects to the conference.
Peter and Steven pick up their IP phone and dial 2000.
Conference begins with Bob, Peter and Steven.

Check the parameters under the Server menu of CUCM 8.6(2a)

Ensure the publisher (aka first node) server is created.

CUCM automatically creates the Cisco unified CM and Cisco unified CM group.
CM_CUCM is automatically added by CUCM 8.6

Create Meet-Me Number/Pattern

Call Routing > Meet-Me Number/Pattern

Click on Add New. For this example I use 2000 as the directory number for Meet-Me. Save this configuration.

Common Device Configuration

Device > Device Settings > Common Device Configuration

Click Add New. Put in the name of Common Device Configuration and save it.

Conference bridge

Media Resources > Conference Bridge

Cisco Conference Bridge Software is automatically created by CUCM 8.6 after you have created the Server. You need to include the Common Device Configuration created into the Conference Bridge as shown in the screenshot.

Media Resource Group and Media Resource Group List

Media Resources > Media Resource Group

click Add New. Put a Name, then select the Conference Bridge from Available Media Resources and transfer to Selected Media Resources. CFB_2 is the Conference Bridge which you modified earlier.

Cisco Unified Serviceability

go to Cisco unified serviceability, the credential is the same as Cisco unified CM administration.

Tools > Service Activation

Select the CUCM server. For this example my CUCM 8.6(2a) server hostname is CUCM. Click on Go.
Turn on Cisco IP Voice Media Streaming App. By default all services are turned off. Deactivate Cisco IP Voice Media Streaming App will cause your phone to report “No Conference Bridge” despite your configuration and Meet-Me dialing are correct



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