ASA5505 (ASA8.4): Block MSN and Yahoo IM

I bumped into a youtube demo instructing people how to block instant messenger, I did not watch the entire demo but searched for resource, I found the cisco documentation which documented the process.

Capture IM traffic

class-map type inspect im match-all im-traffic-class
 match protocol msn-im yahoo-im

Create ACL of the interesting traffic
This is necessary to apply the inspection policy.

access-list inside-hosts extended permit ip any

Create a class to capture the interesting traffic

class-map im-inside-hosts-class
 match access-list inside-hosts

Create IM inspection policy

policy-map type inspect im im-inspection-policy
 class im-traffic-class
  drop-connection log

Apply inspection policy onto interesting traffic

policy-map im-policy
 class im-inside-hosts-class
  inspect im im-inspection-policy

Apply service policy onto interface to take effect

service-policy im-policy interface inside

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