Some thoughts….

There are many people in this world who are more unfortunate than us, there are situations which I felt I could not cope financially, there are times I felt like a pressure cooker when within a short time I need to learn new technology for FAT.

But this is nothing! A woman whom I have known from Cisco career certification in facebook, she is from Hong Kong and struggling to get an IT related job, in Hong Kong to get a position she needs to have at least CCNP with experience. She was a CCNA certified and wanted to get CCNP, she recently passed her CCNP switch. However it seems she was hospitalized often for an illness which she did not actually disclosed explicitly.

Recently she was discharged, doctor gave her Haldol (Haloperidol) and some iron supplement, according to her she did not have psychiatric disease, it seemed the Haldol is taking a toll on her she has difficulty to type and difficulty to learn, she could not remember how to operate GNS3 and she gave up due to the difficulty she is having now…It seems CCNP really means a lot to her,  and I want to help her to pass perhaps I can start to write concise notes for her.

For people who are doing CCNP, if you can pass CCNP switch and route there is no need to read books about CCNP Tshoot, troubleshoot cannot be taught in my opinion it is related to things you have learned and experience (instinct).


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