How to load IOS from Rommon

My purchased 128mb flash just arrived in my mailbox. Well it was empty, nothing inside…so Cisco router will boot into rommon.

Here are the parameters that are REQUIRED:






WARNING: Once you finished transferring file to the flash using tftp all your previously stored contents within the flash will be wiped out!

tftpdnld -u  Means upgrade flash with software, after download is completed router will reboot automatically.

tftpdnld -r Means do not write to flash, write to ram.

tftpdnld without any option, the copied ios after checksum is validated will transfer the entire ios into the flash, and flash will be formatted automatically.

I was using 3com tftp server which is really really old, most tftp implementation has a maximum transfer size of 32MB, my rommon transfer failed with IOS that is more than 32MB.


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