CCIE Preparation

As of currently I am preparing for CCIE routing and switching. I had intention to prepare CCIE after I finished acquiring my CCNP. For some people who may not know, you can attempt CCIE exam without going through CCNA and CCNP.

I postponed or had no intention to attempt CCIE after new scope was added to my job. I am moving towards security, and not the usual security that deals with anti-virus, firewall and IDS/IPS. Penetration test is the scope that I am doing now, which you may see my post archives there were focus on Linux and hacking techniques for a few months.

Recently I was encouraged by my mentor to pursue CCIE, he needs people with credential and credibility in his team and promise a raise to CCIE market value in Singapore. So I took the challenge.

I have been doing labs lately but found that I only know how things work and not extremely know why things work. Anyway this is a good review of books must have for preparation

If Singaporeans who work as a network engineer with CCIE credential, perhaps you can enlighten me the CCIE market value in Singapore. Singapore job market has no specific minimum wages for specific professionals, which makes employers always employ the cheapest…anyway put this aside….


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