Allow root to use chromium-browser

I have written this before in my old post, but I could not find it.

By default chromium-browser does not allow root to launch, you need to be a non-root user in order to launch chromium-browser, this works the same for google-chrome.

first find the filename chromium-browser:

find / -type f -name chromium-browser


This is one of the location of chromium-browser, however this is the file we need to hack using hexedit program.

If you do not have hexedit installed, use apt-get install hexedit.

Press tab, then ctrl+s, type geteuid.

hexedit will jump to the keyword, change geteuid to getppid. Then save by pressing ctrl+x, then press y to save.

People who used backtrack-linux distribution may prefer chromium to firefox, as backtrack linux tools need root privilege it is preferred to be used as root instead of non-root user account. Chromium has good security like sandboxing hence it is a good browser to choose.

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14 Responses to Allow root to use chromium-browser

  1. it works in Chromium 17.0.963.65!
    thanks! 🙂

  2. Gordan Zovko says:

    I cant find geteuid, i searched it but it cant find it. any tips?

  3. Craig says:

    geteuid is not there. I had previously used this method to get it to work, but after fresh install this does not work.

  4. cyruslab says:

    Hi Craig, it should have geteuid, press tab and search again, most likely you are at the wrong section/column

  5. sumsing says:

    that’s working before i make update the chromium
    but now i can’t run
    any solution?? please

  6. altsysrq says:

    just edit /etc/chromium-browser/default to have CHROMIUM_FLAGS=”–user-data-dir”

    • marx_zizi says:

      /etc/chromium-browser/default to have CHROMIUM_FLAGS=”–user-data-dir”bash: /etc/chromium-browser/default: Permission denied

  7. Shawn says:

    Adding “–user-data-dir” to the launcher OR to the file the /etc/chromium-browser/default does not work on BT5 R3. I also tried “-u ” with no luck… I will now try the hex editing way, or install the beta!

  8. Shawn says:

    It screwed up the “-u <>” because after it I put which was filtered by the site (looks like HTML)

    I meant to say “-u <>“

  9. Shawn says:


    “-u yourfkngusername”

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