Debian Linux: About Xorg

After intalling Arch Linux from tty until desktop environment several times I decided to install a very stable Linux distro, the grand daddy of a lot of distribution including Linux Mint (in fact it seems Mint is the grandson of Debian, since Mint is based on Ubuntu). The difference of distribution if I use package manager, is that package names are different although the packages are of the same functions.


Arch Linux: xorg-server, xorg-server-utils, xorg-xinit, xf86-input-mouse, xf86-input-keyboard.

Debian Linux: xserver-xorg-core, x11-xserver-utils, xinit, xserver-xorg-input-mouse, xserver-xorg-input-kbd.

Knowing these packages name helps making a customized (installed what I need and not everything provided by distribution) system easier.

There is no /etc/rc.conf, in fact loading modules (drivers) is easier than Arch Linux, udev did a great job in identifying and load the respective modules in Debian.

There is however /etc/inittab, the run level is actually highly configurablem in Debian:

runlevel 0 is still halt

runlevel 1 is still single user mode

runlevel 2-5 is multiuser mode

runlevel 6 is still reboot.

In Arch Linux, runlevel 3 is the console and runlevel 5 is the X11.

The first thing before doing any installation for Debian, update with apt-get then apt-get install sudo.

If /etc/sudoers is not found, sudo will create one which suits well for the job, a group sudo is create and a default %sudo ALL=(ALL) ALL.


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