Arch Linux: Install yaourt

I wanted to install awesome window manager for Arch, however Arch repo does not include awesome anymore, I need to get from AUR.

Installing package is easier with yaourt. I found that makepkg -s cannot resolve dependency if the dependency is not found in Arch mirrorlist.

Install package-query

package-query is one of the dependency, and this package is not included in Arch mirrorlist. It must be more than 1.0, I found one which is 1.0.1-1.

Use wget to download the package.

Untar package-query and start to makepkg with dependency checking.

yajl is included in pacman mirrorlist that is why it can install, if not then i need to find the package in AUR and install.

Install the made package with pacman -U

Install yaourt

makepkg -s to make the package, then install using pacman -U

Download with wget then untar it.

Finished making 🙂
Install with pacman -U

4 thoughts on “Arch Linux: Install yaourt

  1. Awesome isn’t in yaourt anymore… do you know anything about it?
    I really wanted to try it but I would like to install the stable version, not the git version 😦

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