Arch Linux: Video driver (virtualbox)

I need a video driver in order to install X, and then OpenBox or other desktop manager.

1. Install libdrm-2.4.30-1. pacman -S libdrm

2. Install dkms. pacman -S dkms

3. Install virtualbox-archlinux-additions. pacman -S virtualbox-archlinux-additions

4. Manually load the drivers: modprobe -a vboxguest vboxsf vboxvideo

Do a lsmod to confirm:

all the vbox drivers are loaded.

5. Include the three drivers vboxguest, vboxsf and vboxvideo in rc.local:

include the drivers into rc.local.

/etc/rc.local is the system script file, when Linux has booted up Linux will look for rc.local for additional contents. Think of rc.local like Windows startup folder.




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