Arch Linux: Pacman package manager

Only core.db is installed in the hard disk, extra.db and community.db have to be downloaded. To download these database, I will need to use Pacman to synchronize the database:

pacman uses the mirrorlist located in /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist file.

Synchronizing repository database

pacman -Sy

Pacman downloading the database.

Synchronizing and upgrade the system

pacman -Syu

Arch Linux advised to upgrade pacman first before downloading any softwares.

Upgrade Pacman.

Set up pacman keyring

Need to press the keyboard to generate more bytes for key randomization.

pacman-key –init

what it means is that I should generate more bytes to provide key randomization, so what i need to do is just hold on to the spacebar until it totally randomized the key.


This screen shows that the key generation is completed. I can now release my space bar…

Search for package

pacman -Ss <package name>

Search example.

Install package

pacman -S <package name>

Install package example.

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