Arch Linux: Openbox configuration (failure…to be continued…)

Install xterm so that you can use terminal in windows manager, Openbox when loaded is pretty empty so I still got a lot of things to move in.

Install obconf

Openbox configuration tool is a GTK tool which I need to install for my ease of configuring openbox.

It is empty isn't it haha..still has furniture move in and utility to wire up my home.

Install a file manager

I chose to install thunar, because nautilus has conflict with a package and I would not want to remove it. I do not know the consequences of removing the package that has conflict….it is safer to install thunar and its other plugins and garbage management programs…

Lots of things to move in...garbage management, mounting management and archive management.

OMG…conflicts with module-init-tools package…-_-” damn…I am not sure what’s the impact..I have to try it to know. Shit, failure….

Guess I need sometime to figure out and get help if necessary…:D


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