Arch Linux Installation (Part 3) – Package selection and installation

The next stage is selecting package I need or I think I need. Arch Linux installation gives a lot of freedom to its user, by letting user to choose and select the packages he/she thinks he/she needs, I like this empowerment and of course the pre-requisite is to know what I need or at least to know what I think I need haha… I am a Linux convert, for several years I have been spoiled by Windows way of installation whereby user needs not worry because everything was automatic, such convenience also comes a price – complacency and lost the freedom to choose.

Start shopping!

I chose some library files as some softwares which I may need in future might need those, also chose the wireless packages as I would like to use my usb Alfa wireless adapter, and also chose some utilities.

Install GRUB

Installing GRUB legacy. In the past I never knew what grub is… actually I did not know what bootloader was as well LOL! In Windows everything was automatic…haha.

Leave this as default. Base is the binary, and base-devel is the source code.

Leave this as default, you can choose to install base-devel as well if you want to modify the grub, however you need to understand without installing base (the binary) Arch Linux cannot boot after installation.

Install them all!

Install the packages which I have chosen including grub.

Installation in progress, no need to intervene this process.

Although there is a Y/n interactive shell, I did not have to do anything at all, the installation from here is automatically chosen as Y.

Package installation completed!

Installation completed!


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