Arch Linux Installation (Part 1) – Package source, text editor and clock.

I have heard many people saying Arch Linux is a good platform to learn many things about Linux as this distribution is highly customizable. I would like to learn more and hence started my installation.

Arch Linux Core installation.

As instructed by the screen, I should run /arch/setup to start my Linux setup.

Welcome screen from Arch.

To proceed press OK.

Installation menu.

Many modern Linux distributions have very attractive and easy to use installation wizard, but this ncurse menu seems intimidating đŸ˜‰

Choose the package source.

I would have to choose a package source for installation, the local package was packed in the Live ISO which I downloaded hence nothing to select; just use the default selection.

Network configuration.

This ncurse wizard will help me to setup my network interface.

Network configuration part 2.

Arch Linux seemed very concerned that we may not have an ethernet card inserted…

Network configuration: NIC MAC address.

I only have one NIC, hence this is the only choice.

Network configuration: DHCP

Press yes and move on.

Network configuration: acquiring ip address.

Eth0 is sending DHCPDISCOVER broadcast, since there is only one DHCP server, the wait will be short…:)

Network configuration: Completed.

Now the eth0 interface has an ip address obtained from DHCP server.

Choose a text editor.

The next is to choose a text editor, the choice is either vi or nano.

nano of course!

Many old school and hard core Linux users will use vi I think. But I am a newbie haha… nano is a much easy to understand text editor than vi in my personal opinion.

Set the clock.

The next is to set the clock. Like the time zone and whether to use UTC or local time.

Set the region and timezone.

I set the region as Asia, and time zone as Singapore.

Time zone as UTC.

Since I chose Singapore, UTC will be +8.


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