Linux Mint 12: Disk usage requirement during installation

/dev/sda1             5.5G  428M  4.9G   9% /target
/dev/sda5             276M   34M  229M  13% /target/boot
/dev/sda10            153G  204M  145G   1% /target/home
/dev/sda8             184M  5.6M  169M   4% /target/tmp
/dev/sda7              56G  2.7G   50G   6% /target/usr
/dev/sda9             1.1G  576M  404M  59% /target/var

If you are doing partitioning, make sure your /var has more than 576M of space, this was the space used during Mint 12 installation, also your /usr must be more than 2.7G. If your / is less than 5.8G Mint installation will complain and will not proceed.


3 thoughts on “Linux Mint 12: Disk usage requirement during installation

  1. How much is recommened for the OS and programs? I have 400gb free but don’t know if I should give Mint 4gb, 40gb, or all 400gb.

  2. that actually depends on how you are using Linux Mint. I would suggest before you actually partition the hdd, install on a VM with 20GB and see if this satisfy your daily usage.

    1. I’m trying it out for the first time and am loading it on a netbook to try out during my trip. Since I leave tonight I don’t have time to play with a virtual machine. Its on a 60gb partition now, which should be plenty while I’m experimenting with it to see how well it does what I need it to. I already know it won’t have iTunes, Dropbox, or Outlook, but it still might fit into some of my workflows.

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