Security: Setting up login banner and save your configuration

IDS# conf t
IDS(config)# banner
% Incomplete command
IDS(config)# banner login
Banner[]: This system is the property of Cyruslab.^MUnauthorized user must leave immediately.
IDS(config)# exit

If you press enter key you will be exited from the banner console, if you need to do carriage return press ctrl + v + enter keys at the same time, ^M will appear this is the carriage return.

IDS# copy ?
/erase                Erase the destination file before copying.
<source-url>          Location of source file to be copied.
ad-knowledge-base     Copy an anomaly detection knowledge base file.
backup-config         Copy from backup config.
current-config        Copy from current config.
iplog                 IP log.
license-key           Copy from license key.
packet-file           Captured packet-file.
IDS# copy current-config backup-config

This command is the same as copy run start in cisco router.


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