Things i do after I install Ubuntu 11.04

1. Update the distribution packages.

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade


2. Install flash player plugin. (youtube, xinmsn need flash player)


sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree


3. Install wireshark


sudo apt-get install wireshark


4. Install Chromium browser


sudo apt-get install chromium-browser


5. Install compiled IRPAS. (honestly compiling IRPAS is complicated…)

sudo apt-get install irpas

I just realised irpas was installed in Ubuntu…sweet.. so this the irpas in my system was upgraded to a later version..nice…in fedora core there’s no repo for irpas, if i want irpas i need to compile them…


6. Install hexedit

You can choose to use the Gnome enabled Bless hexeditor if you like. I prefer to use hexedit as it is very small.



7. Install Azureus. (I dun like Transmission Bittorrent client which is included as a package in Ubuntu)

sudo apt-get install azureus


8. Install putty! (my favourite :D)


sudo apt-get install putty


9. Install ettercap and nmap


sudo apt-get install ettercap nmap

Ubuntu repository is larger than Fedora! It has almost everything! In fedora I have to download the source code of ettercap and compile them!


10. Download and install nessus.

Nessus used to be an open-source package, but after version 2 it is commercialized and cannot be included into linux distribution due to license issue. I downloaded the 64 bit from


i unpacked the deb package using dpkg -i command. After installed you need to register to use. Home use is free.


11. Install virtualbox

Step 1: install dkms and gcc



sudo apt-get install dkms gcc


Step 2: download virtual box


use wget to download the deb file.


Step 3: Unpack deb package


You will receive dependencies errors.


Step 4: Install virtual box with apt-get -f install, this way virtualbox dependencies will be installed together with virtualbox.



If you do not install dkms and gcc first you will have problem starting dkms and virtualbox kernel.



Step 5: Add user to user group vboxusers. If you do not add user to this group you cannot start your created vm.

command line:

cyrus@ubuntu:~/Downloads$ sudo usermod -G vboxusers -a cyrus

You can use GUI to help you to add user to group as well.

All Application > System > Users and groups



12. Install clamav antivirus.

Step 1: install clamav


sudo apt-get install clamav


Step 2: configure freshclam to do antivirus signature update.

cyrus@ubuntu:~/Downloads$ sudo gedit /etc/clamav/freshclam.conf


Wow clamav seems to be optimized for Ubuntu, everything was pre-defined nicely! In fedora core I will have to manually configure freshclam.conf myself. Also clamav and freshclam are two seperate packages which i need to install in fedora core, but in Ubuntu installing clamav will also get freshclam 🙂


Step 3: Update definition file.


Wow even virus definition file is the latest! In fedora core I will have to do freshclam to update the latest definition file. No wonder Ubuntu is a favourite alternative for desktop computer, almost every nice packages are optimized for Ubuntu..


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