AAA: Managing your users through parser view

parser view cservice
 secret 5 $1$H0y5$HuHfqRw5d1Fmy.lKAB1pa0
 commands exec include ping
 commands exec include show ip interface brief
 commands exec include show ip interface
 commands exec include all show ip
 commands exec include show version
 commands exec include show controllers
 commands exec exclude show parser
 commands exec include show interfaces
 commands exec include show

username cservice view cservice secret 5 $1$lCL2$rL6xFNcX9EjHu3m3BPQ/u.

line vty 0 4
 login authentication local-list
 transport input ssh
line vty 5 15
 login authentication local-list
 transport input ssh

1. Turn on aaa new-model.

2. Configure an enable secret.

3. Go to privilege exec mode and login as root with enable view command.


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