Install FreeBSD 4.11 miniOS for Olive.

I am attracted to the Juniper fast track offer and hence wanted to take up the challenge to get certified as JNCIA-JUNOS, but I will need hands-on with Juniper command line which is different from Cisco IOS.

This post is a repository of installin FreeBSD which JunOS is based on.

Download FreeBSD 4.11 miniOS

Choose standard and enter.
Press 'A' to use the entire HDD space. The select the partition and press 'S' for the partition to boot up.
Choose Standard Install a Standard MBR then press Enter.
Press 'C' and create the partition as shown in this screenshot. The first one requires a character '/' this is the master root which uses 500MB. The second one choose Swap, no character needed, the subsequent ones just follow as the screenshot. Press 'Q' to finish and move on to the next section of the installation.
Scroll down by pressing the down key of your keyboard until you see 'Minimal', hit your spacebar to choose 'Minimal'.
Select CDROM. If you are using ISO and has a CD Emulation program choose this option as well.
Choose Yes and hit Enter, your machine will be rebooted. And you are done.

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