Install Firefox4 on Fedora14

I love to use YUM to install application, however YUM is based on the repository to install application. Firefox4 is a new release which has no repository in /etc/yum.repos.d

Here’s how I am going to save the URL into /etc/yum.repos.d so that YUM knows where to retrieve the repos and install firefox4.

You need to be a root user to perform this action, you can either login as root using the command su – or you can use sudo as the prefix command. Using sudo will require sudoer rights.

Use your favourite text editor such as nano to edit the sudoers file in /etc/sudoers:

nano /etc/sudoers

Here I have allowed user cyrus to access all command just like a root user.

Next use wget to insert the URL and copy this into a repos file using wget -O option.

Insert the repo location and output to a new firefox4.repo file.
Uninstall firefox version 3 track, choose Y to remove firefox.
Install firefox4, there's no need to enable repo.

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