Tshoot preparation and my learning roadmap

Here’s the link for downloading Tshoot topology: https://learningnetwork.cisco.com/servlet/JiveServlet/downloadBody/6741-102-1-23100/TSHOOT%20Exam%20Topology.pdf

CCO login is required.

I expect to complete CCNP within March. I have finished my preparation with Route, Tshoot I intend to use 2 weeks time to complete and take the exam.

Once I got my CCNP certification, I will proceed to CCIP track studying QoS, MPLS and BGP thoroughly. Here’s the books I intend to read after my CCNP:

1. MPLS Fundamentals

2. Internet Routing Architectures, 2nd Edition

3. Cisco QOS Exam Certification Guide

4. Routing TCP/IP Volume 1 : I have been reading this book for my CCNP Route preparation and will continue to read it.

5. Routing TCP/IP Volume 2 : I have also been reading this book to understand BGP during my CCNP Route preparation, and will continue to read it.

6. Routing-Bits Handbook : I read this book everyday, everywhere and whenever I find leisure time, I recommend network engineer to purchase this book. This book without prior concept is hard to digest, I suggest you understand fundamental concepts of related topics before using this book. This book serves as a concise guide and review-at-a-glance hence no grandma and grandpa stories.

Network engineering is huge, continual learning is essential to excel in this field. 🙂 Wish me luck, I hope to become a successful and recognised Network Architect/consultant one day.


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