Cisco netManager (IP infrastructure): A brief walkthrough

After you have installed netManager, from Start menu choose Cisco discovery device
IPSwitch WhatsUp Gold wizard will appear, just click next



4 ways to discover devices, I recommend SNMP for best result. The third method is for Window servers, which makes use of Windows network neighbourhood. The least desirable method in my opinion is IP range Scan, this method returns no information regarding the device.



Enter the configured snmp settings in your routers and switches, you can refer to my previous post for snmp-server configuration.



I leave this as default and click next, if you know what you need choose from the list.



Devices discovery starts, depending on your network size, it took 10mins to finish when I was testing it.



A list of discovered devices were listed here.



Define a policy for how netManager should react if there's an alert. You can let netManager create one for you, or you can create one policy yourself.



I chose Popup window as a way for alert, choose your own alert method based on your resources and requirements.



On the next step you can test the method you have chosen, for me I chose the popup, you can see a popup appeared there.



Review the Action Policy, if they are fine click next, you can also change your action policy name



A final review of your action policy before clicking finish.



Devices will be added after you clicked finish. This database is associated with netManager.



It will be haphazard, so you may want to re-arrange it for future ease of reference.



Next launch Cisco netManager 1.1



Your default browser will be launched, a login page awaits, the default username and password are cisco and cisco respectively



The front page of netManager, this is the dashboard where you can see the overall picture of the entire network.



Click on Physical connectivity view, a popup appears, this is based on flash media player make sure you have got the latest flash plugin installed. You cannot shift or move the topology, this is an overall view of your network, which is for some reason is not accurately displayed.



The device tab displays your devices from the WhatsUp gold discovery.



This is the view when you clicked on Report tab



You can see your device report by clicking on the specific device you have chosen. This are polled from the device using SNMP, here you will have an overall view of your device information.



This page appears when you click on Properties icon, this view customize the way you want to monitor your device.



GO menu walkthrough: View



GO menu walkthrough: Devices



GO menu walkthrough: Reports



GO menu walkthrough: Diagnostics tools



GO menu walkthrough: Configure



Change your password by clicking on GO > Configure > Preferences


Seems like Cisco netManager 1.1 is a lite version of CiscoWorks LMS, incorporated with WhatsUp Gold device discovery to discover and build a device database for your daily maintenance activity. It looks easy to use, however I felt a decent training by Cisco is preferable. Make sure you have walked through the SNMP view configuration from my previous post before you start to discover the devices. By the way, just a gentle reminder, this is only a tour of netManager not a tutorial 😉


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