General thoughts: Last purchase for my lab equipment

This Wednesday I will be giving myself a huge X’mas present – several serial cables and modules to match INE’s recommendation for CCIE.

I am still pursuing my CCNP certification, but being a CCIE R&S will be my goal, perhaps 2 years later I will become a CCIE with a unique number attached :D.

I am starting to gain site experience in implementing, consulting, preparing, designing and troubleshooting with network devices not limited to Cisco only. My next target will be virtualization. My career goal is to be a network architect, but this road is arduous and tough….The toughest is my own livelihood, my current employment commands a pay lesser than a professional should have and the annual leave is pathetic… I felt I am exploited, but still I will strive and excel despite difficulties ahead and perhaps adversaries ahead.

Life will be better in future, I believe 😀

The equipment list can be found here


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