Ubuntu Server 10.04

I am a system illiterate, I focus my skill improvement solely on routing and switching, particularly Cisco devices.

Now I want to start using something that’s not Windows, I have installed Ubuntu Server 10.04 on my laptop.

Ubuntu server seems to have disabled root (administrative) login, there’s no prompt for creating password for “root” user in the setup wizard. There’s however a prompt to create a user account which contains some rights of a root user.

To enable root, from the user prompt type this:

sudo is a command line application, I can update package such as dns package by using the sudo apt-get install <installation directory or location>

root login is necessary for installing or updating package.

1. Create a password for root

2. Use sudo bash to enter root, password will be prompted before accessing the root user.

To update or create password for a user account, use sudo password <account_name>


To find out which commands are available for certain letters:

1. type the letter

2. press tab, if there’s an unique command the full command will be displayed after you press tab

3. press tab again to get more commands which fall under the letters you have typed.


I want to know which commands for DNS, I type dns and press tab twice, commands which have “DNS” will be displayed.



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