Wireless: WPA2 configurations

Click on WLAN, you will see a list which you created, for this test I have created one WLAN.

Click on the WLAN ID:

This page will appear, you can set the general setting for your WLAN via this web interface, oh.. do not forget this web interface belongs to the controller not the AP itself 😉 The idea of Lightweight AP (LAP) is to separate the control plane and data plane, the LAP handles the critical data, while the controller will control, provision and configure the AP.

Click on Security tab:

Here is where you set your wireless security settings. The default is 802.1x, this will need an external radius server to do authentication via EAP, since I do not have one yet, I will use pre-shared key (PSK) using AES symmetric encryption, TKIP is legacy not as secured so do not use it 😉 Does this interface remind you of Cisco Linksys router interface? Almost the same… but there’s more features for this controller. Oh.. by the way remember to save your configuration to the nvram of the controller 😉

Oh by the way, just to let you have a glimpse on how powerful this controller is, it can manipulate your AP! 😉

You can clear your AP config, clear the config except for the static IP in the AP and even reboot your AP from here. I am still exploring this….May consider getting a CCNA Wireless title lol…:D


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