Wireless: Dynamic Channel Assignment (DCA)

Cisco 2100 series WLC comes with a start up script, after you have completed the script, you will be able to use your browser to access this web interface. CLI in Cisco 2100 series is not like IOS, hence do not expect similarities in the command line.

The feature I want to present here is the dynamic channel assignment, this is kind of cool, I tested in my company, a linksys wireless router was broadcasting at channel 1, one of my two AP was in channel 1, it automatically configured itself to channel 6. By the way the DCA is not a default, so you need to set it and it’s easy with web interface.

Click on Wireless then on your left menu select 802.11b/g/n > DCA, you will see DCA channel list, Cisco has selected for you in the DCA channels box, 1, 6 and 11 are the non-overlapping channels for 2.4GHz, if you want to set more channels yourself in the list simply click on the channel box below, you can see a tick was checked at channel 1.

Next select General, at the channel list drop down box choose DCA Channels, my default was “Country Channels”

You can see the channel number has an asterisk, if there’s an overlapping channel detected it will change its channel to a non-overlapping one itself… 😉 cool eh?


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