PIX8.0: 10 steps startup process using ASDM 6.1

First of all connect a cross over cable from pix routed port to your NIC.

Follow these steps:

pix-2(config-if)# int e4

pix-2(config-if)# nameif inside

INFO: Security level for “inside” set to 100 by default.


pix-2(config)# http server enable

pix-2(config)# http inside

pix-2(config)# username cisco password cisco privilege 15

ASDM is a GUI as well as a learning tool, it is recommended for user to turn on the Preview commands before sending them to the device. This option is unchecked by default. You can access the preference sub menu from Tools main menu.


You will need to use your browser to launch the page as shown in the screenshot., for my case I run ASDM directly from PIX.













If you have turned on the preview command in preferences you will see this command line preview when you clicked Finish button.


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