My ASA5505-bun-k9

My ASA5505-bun-k9

by Cyrus Lok on Thursday, April 1, 2010 at 2:04am
This box was delivered last night about 10.30pm by Tony. Thanks to the lobang given by Abel 😀
By the way if you need any lab equipments please send an email to,Tony Tan, to ask for quotation.

A new ASA5505 with one year warranty. This one does not have IPS/IDS module. Look at Cisco’s seal there.
Things inside the box. Neat!
ASA5505. Front view
Rear view.
My current switch lab. Except for 871 I bought the switches from Tony.
From the top: Cisco 871
Follow by: 2511 serves as a terminal server.
Follow by: catalyst 2950
Follow by: catalyst 2950
Bottom most: catalyst 3550 multilayer switch.
Full lay out of my ASA5505!

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