Load balanced with hsrp – instruction by Mr. Omid Almasieh

Load balanced with hsrp – instruction by Mr. Omid Almasieh

by Cyrus Lok on Tuesday, March 30, 2010 at 5:38am
I roughly know hsrp is a back up routing protocol if the present routing protocol fails, but I did not know it can be used to do load balancing too.

Question:hot standby routing protocol also do load balancing?

Omid’s answer: not so but u can do it with kind of trick lol

u can use STP with it

imagine that u have a campus

with 3 layer design

in distribution layer

u can divide ur vlans

i mean if u have 20 vlans

u can divide them into 10

then make the first DIS switch to become STP root of the first 10 vlan

and the second switch root of the rest

then using HSRP

HSRP Active for the first 10 vlan on the first switch

and ACTIVE hsrp for the 10 other vlan on the second switch


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